Management Team
Dr. YuChin Hsu
  • Founder Nexsyn
  • Co-Founder Novas
  • VP at Springsoft and Synopsys
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in CS
  • B.S. NTU CS
Dr. Wenwey Hseush
  • VP at Computer Associates
  • Founder and CEO Timecruiser
  • CEO at eBizprise
  • Co-author of“Fair Collaboration”book
  • Ph.D. Columbia University in CS
  • B.S. NTU CS
Dr. YiCheng Huang
  • Senior researcher at Core Technology Center in ASUS
  • Ph.D. Cornell University in CS
  • B.S. NTU CS
Dr. Jenny Roan
R&D Director
  • Data Scientist Team Leader, Fungogo
  • Research Associate, University College London
  • Ph.D, University College London in Geographic Info Science